About us

The Finnish Medical Foundation supports medical research and education in all fields of medicine. The Foundation annually distributes over two million euros in grants to approximately 150 researchers. The support is focused particularly on young (non-tenured) researchers and medical students. The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim established the Foundation in 1960.

The Finnish Medical Foundation, with the support of private donors, has over the years evolved into a significant private foundation in the field of medical research. We are the largest foundation that supports young researchers in all fields of medicine in Finland. The Foundation supports Finnish medical research and education through annual grants.

Suomen Lääketieteen Säätiö

Themes guiding the Foundation’s activities

The Finnish Medical Foundation supports and advocates for medical research as the basis of Finnish health and healthcare. The Foundation wants to ensure that research has resources also in the future.

Supporting medical research is important because without high-quality research, there will be no high-quality healthcare. Yet, public research funding is consistently decreasing. Researchers often lack sufficient financial and professional support. Researchers thus need support and advocates.

By supporting research, The Foundation gives researchers the opportunity to make a difference. Without high-quality research, there is no high-quality healthcare.

Applying for a grant

The application period for our grants is every year in May. Here’s how you can apply for a grant.


Research funded with the Foundation’s Research Group Founder’s Grant is expected to have significant scientific, educational, and societal impact.