Information about our grants.

Eka Grants

Eka Grants are available to medical and dental students and licentiates beginning their research careers.

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Encouragement Grants

Both the Finnish Medical Foundation and Duodecim award Encouragement Grants. Both are applied for using the same form and the applications are reviewed using the same process.

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Research Grants

Research Grants are awarded to aid medical and dental students, licentiates and doctors in research work.

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Grants for postdoctoral work abroad

The foundations have a shared grant pool awarding grants for postdoctoral research abroad, known as the Postdoc Pool. There are two application periods a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn.

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Returning Researcher Grant

The Finnish Medical Foundation’s Returning Researcher Grants are available to researchers returning to Finland from abroad.

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Research Group Founder Grant

Research Group Founder Grants are available to early career researchers who have completed their doctorate

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Frequently asked questions

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Guidelines for Eka, Encouragement & Research Grants