The Finnish Medical Foundation

The Finnish Medical Foundation awards scholarships to Finnish medical researchers and students. The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim established the foundation in 1960.

The annual value of the scholarships awarded exceeds 2 million euros. The scholarships are funded by financial investments. 

Scholarships are divided into three categories:

Project scholarships are awarded to high-quality research projects with a topic that has been given priority by the Foundation (typically 150.000-200.000 euros for three years)

Research scholarships enable the recipient to work full-time for 4-12 months on a research project (typically 9 000 – 27 000 euros)

Encouragement scholarships are awarded to young researchers preparing a doctoral thesis or beginning a career in research (typically up to 5 000 euros)

Grants are awarded to M.D.s and to M.D. students.

Applications can be submitted once a year in May.

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Applying for grants

Encouragement Grants from Finnish Medical Society Duodecim; Research, Encouragement and Eka Grants from The Finnish Medical Foundation; and Returning Researcher and Research Group Founder Grants can be applied for annually between May 1 and May 31st.