Returning Researcher Grant

The Finnish Medical Foundation’s Returning Researcher Grants are available to researchers returning to Finland from abroad.

Grant eligibility requires a doctorate in medicine and a successful period of postdoctoral work abroad. Normally the minimum requirement is 12 months spent abroad, and applicants must still be abroad when they apply. The maximum grant amount is 50,000 EUR, of which no more than 5,000 EUR may be spent on general costs.

For the grant to be awarded and paid out, a university or equivalent institution must consent and commit to managing the applicant’s project, using the funds according to principles or economic guidelines approved by the research institution. Awarded grants are paid in full to an account approved by the research institution in question. The grant may be used to pay for wages and other project costs in accordance to the cost estimate presented in the research plan.

The Foundation pays the grant in one instalment and requires the grant recipient to provide a final report of research progress and how the funds were used. The grant must be used during the calendar year following the grant being awarded. The Foundation’s Board may extend this period based on a separate application. Grants that have not been taken into use during the calendar year following the grant being awarded will be cancelled. There will be no separate notification of cancellations.